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Article on The Character of Valerie Plume as a CIA Operative

On July 6, 2005, a federal judge ordered Judith Miller, journalist for the The New York Times, to prison. Miller was involved from the exposure of Valerie Plume as a CIA operative. In questioning, the Miller invoked reporter's privilege by refusing to disclose the identity of her resources, devoting fire to some heavily debated ethical issue in the discipline of journalism (Pinguelo, "A Reporter's Confidential SourceRevealed?") . Successful journalism tells the truth to a person with the right to understand it. Journalists have the obligation to inform us a story laden with details and the more important duty of showing the source of the information, right? Not automatically. The right of journalists to keep their sources confidential was a long-standing argument. The integrity within this debate are blurry. On one hand, it may be exceedingly important to the problem at hand which the source of data be known, as an argument may shed credibility differently. On the flip side, the source has the right as an American and a individual to stay anonymous. Isn't it enough that he or she came forward with information in any way? Judith Miller's case garnered public attention and is only 1 example of many cases that increase the same, always debated question- how far can journalists go in protecting their sources and under what situation does withholding the identity of an origin become unethical for either party engaged? The answer to this query is vague, but solvable. Journalists should be able to protect to individuality of a resource unless the information that they possess is for the greater good of the public or the situation available. Sometimes journalists need to withhold info to disclose info. Doctors, lawyers, and even pries...

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