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CREATED ON 29th November 2017

Composing on Fight for Your Life

The room was illuminated by the blooming dawn during the dusty window. There were unwashed hand print stains over the surface of this dewy glass showing the want for lighting in the small room. A mattress sloughed cluttered alongside the lonely window. One dresser rested next to the unmade bed. The morning light had faded the lampshade that sat there time later so much so that the authentic color was unreadable. This light was barely touched because even once illuminated, the bulb would just produce about as much light to demonstrate the cracks and etchings in the walls. The sunrise glare during the dust-frosted window demonstrated to spread enough light that the lamp has been obsolete right now. The warmth from the window drew my eyes into the mirror. The mirror has been less of a looking glass and also more of a photo frame. Its borders were embellished with childhood photographs. The fuzzy black-and-white minutes told the tales of a boyhood full of joy and family. A mom with two sons beaming gallantly at the viewer. A young determined boy swinging into a base-ball bat with a cocky smile on his head. And also a beaming woman watching because her sons slough off to school. The deceptions of youth faded in the previous hung on each gilded border. This was the very first time he'd let anybody into the universe, and I was in awe. He was sitting when I saw him. That seat with the brief left leg at the playground. The one that you would sit on for some solitude from sunlight, with all the shadow by the massive oak tree casting its markers. The summer season was in total spring and you couldn't catch anybody inside. I had been riding my bicycle through the park once I saw my buddy Paul waving in the distance. Paul has been a stocky man with an even stockier ego. He walked as the bud parted at his fee...

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