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Child Abuse and the Feeling of Helplessness Essay examples

Smack! Mother strikes me in the face, and that I topple to the floor. I know better than to stand there and take the hit. I discovered the hard way she takes that as an act of defiance, which means more hits, or worst of all, no food. I regain my posture and dodge her looks, as she screams in my ear. Please, I say to myself, just let me eat this time. Hit me , but I have to have food. Another blow pushes my head against the tile counter top (Pelzer, 1995). This is the launch of a typical day for David Pelzer, a victim of child abuse for four decades. Child abuse is the physical, psychological, or sexual mistreatment of children. That's the typical definition coming in the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. But ask anyone that has been a victim of child abuse, and they may tell you that child abuse is like living in hell, and not knowing exactly what might happen to youpersonally, rather than knowing when it will end. Nobody should have to feel helpless, and victims are usually left with an uncountable amount of psychological effects. Everybody should become more aware of the signs of misuse, and be more educated of an issue that keeps growing daily. Child abuse can include a wide variety of violent activities, from acts of commission, to absence of action or omission (Kliegman, 1997). Abuse can start even before the arrival of a child, such as maternal drug abuse and failure to seek the typical prenatal healthcare while pregnant. After birth, child abuse is split into four standard kinds, and each area overlaps into another. The four areas are physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. Kids who are at high-risk for child abuse contain mentally retarded kids, premature infants, infants with chronic medical pr...

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