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Pascal's Wager Essay

In this paper I will be discussing Pascal's Wager. What I plan to perform in this paper is explain the debate of Pascal's Wager. Next I will explain how Pascal tries to convince non-theists why they ought to believe in God. I'll describe two criticisms in response to Pascal's argument. Finally, I will discuss whether these criticisms show Pascal's justification to be untenable. Pascal's Wager is a debate that attempts to convince non-theists why they ought to believe in the existence of the Christian god. Pascal believes non-theists ought to believe in God's existence because when a non-theist is incorrect about the existence of God they have more to lose than if a theist is incorrect about the existence of God. Pascal starts his argument by saying that everyone must make a bet. This wager everybody puts is on whether God exists. Pascal considers everyone needs to make a wager based on two reasons, everyone eventually dies and God is a possible being. Of the two options a person can make there are four possible results which could happen to a person due to this choice they made. The first possible result is that a individual chooses to believe in God and God does exist. If that is accurate then the believer will suffer some harm in this life but they will be rewarded with salvation in the afterlife. The second possible outcome is that a individual chooses to believe in God and God does not exist. If this true then the believer will suffer some injury in this life and they won't be rewarded with whatever when they expire but they won't be punished . The third possible result is that a individual chooses not to believe in God and God does exist. If that is accurate then while the non-theist will likely be rewarded in this lifetime they wil...

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