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The Topic of Ultimate Victory at The Aeneid Essay

THESIS STATEMENT From the epic poem The Aeneid, Virgil stressed the subject of ultimate victory over defeat through Aeneas' adventures to Italy. PURPOSE STATEMENT Throughout the evaluation of this text and critical investigations of the Aeneid, it is correct the Aeneid is ultimately the victor in this war for liberty. INTRODUCTION Imagine you're a well- recognized noble; you had what you could ever possibly want. Then imagine sudden defeat. You are not a noble, but a catalyst. There seems to be no victory in the future, and you have lost all expectation. When everything seemed lost, you overcame barriers and were finally back on top. Anthony Esolen gave a simple statement on how amazing the reductions of Aeneas really were. "Virgil laments the terrible loss upon which the state [of Rome] has been assembled" (Esolen 1). In his critical review of Robert Fagle's translation of the Aeneid, Anthony Esolen clarifies how Virgil shows how gloomy the countless beats of the Trojans really were. When Aeneas struggles in Italy, Virgil portrays him as a courageous hero that leads his men through conflict. The challenge is that the odds are stacked against Aeneas and his small army. Aeneas eventually overcomes this. Aeneas is helped several times during his journey by the mystical power of gods and goddesses that favor him, such as Venus (Aeneas' mom), Vulcan, along with many others. One example is when Aeneas and his crew beach on the coasts of North Africa after a exhausting voyage, Venus appears to Aeneas in the shape of a young soldier and sends him to Queen Dido while shrouded in a misty veil. The victory of the Trojans throughout Virgil's Aeneid is highlighted at the Trojans' coming at Italy, together with all the coalition of enemies and also wars that were sudden. This triu...

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