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The Social, Cultural, and Historical Problems in Coral Island and Lord of the Flies

The Social, Cultural, and Historical Problems in Coral Island and Lord of the Flies At first sight, 'Coral Island' appears a very pompous and haughty novel. This, nevertheless, is because the book is being read from a 21st century perspective, whereas if Ballantyne composed 'Coral Island' it had been viewed as a thoroughly entertaining story. This is due to the fact that the book was composed from the 19th century, when the people of Britain felt that they had grown an organized society where people were at their best and flourishing. Since Ballantyne himself described the society: 'Britons at the top of the tree, savages and beans in the bottom.' Considering 'Coral Island' from a 20th century point of view, Golding maintained the book quite critically and decided that it was an out of date, haughty, false portrayal of society and that he could write a better book. He sat right down and composed 'Lord of the Flies' to demonstrate the problems of human character. The island in the publication was used just as somewhere to put his group of boys away in the adult world, but also had symbolic worth linked closely to the theme of evil in man during the novel: 'The island itself is a sign of perfection and paradise, and the moment that humans arrive, a scar of jealousy is left through the once flawless forest. The island is also boat shaped, also looking out in the waves in a point on the island gives the illusion that it is moving backward. This symbolises a trip where man is constantly moving on, but which makes no improvement in life.' In addition to being linked to Golding's beliefs, the use of this island also permitted direct comparisons with 'Coral Island'. Golding hated the tone and ideas of Ballantyne in 'Coral Island', and expressed his thoughts publi...

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