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Essay on Modern Defense Technologies and their Impact on Society

Check out Modern Defense Technologies and their Impact on Society As a veteran of the Air Force I have had a opportunity to see and work with some of these technologies that I'm discussing during this paper. I had a chance to be trained with a CMOS based program for intending loads on aircraft. The program was very user friendly and quick. This program handled the mathematical portion of loading airplanes like size, weight, and equilibrium capabilities. Additionally, it served as logistical database for tracking what cargo increments would be set up, where they needed to proceed, when they could be expected to leave, and the estimated time of arrival at the destination. I was also educated on how to plan heaps on newspaper using both mathematical and graphical problem solving in the event of computer failure. Let me tell you , this was a job and if it wasn't correct the first time I just had to start from scratch with the equations. The luxury of this computer was that I could make changes and get real time reflective information while I made the changes. My abilities with this program were called upon during performance DESERT THUNDER. We had the ability to plan and mobilize over half of the 2nd largest Air Force base in the Unites States in just two days. This helped discourage a war with Iraq by proving just how fast we were able to move on any dangers they had against the U.S.. This is an example of the way technology helped to deter a threat by simply "flexing our muscle", long the D.O.D uses to describe deterrence through readiness and firepower. Without the technological advances of the innovative logistical support systems that this procedure could have taken 6 to 10 times longer and operation DESERT THUNDER could have resulted in a wa...

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Viewpoint in the Existence of Emma GrudgerIn any event, point of view is most likely the most crucial point of view for the understanding of meaning and importance in a particular situation. This is demonstrated by simply reading the accounts with the life of Emma Gudger from two very different perspectives: that authored by Emma, "So I Being sung To Myself", and another written by Wayne Agee, "The Gudger Family, 1936".In his portrayal of the poverty-stricken..
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For a long time, there have been several inquiries about how exactly the world came to be. Included in all those inquiries are who generate the world and just how human kind arrived at exist. To reply to the unanswered, different cultures have their own version showing how it was created. The creation myths make clear the break down that has or perhaps is going to happen. Different creation myths could also explain natural accident or perhaps the cosmic circumstances.The different..
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