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Essay about Psychosocial Problems of Adolescents

1. Launch Age of puberty, mainly considered as a time period in a person’s lifestyle where he or she encounters main adjustments with regards to physical development and mental advancement. It is normally a period in existence, generally from the age group 12-18 (Berk, 2010) where one provides to move through many unavoidable adjustments which may provide him a specific level of soreness. Age of puberty was extracted from the Latin phrase ‘adolescere’ which means developing up. There are numerous developing problems experienced during age of puberty causes high amounts of tension and nervousness in the young children. They undergo a sudden spurt in growth, experience hormonal changes and go through cognitive development. An person generally deals with a full great deal of issues as he personal discovers himself during this stage. With a positive attitude and proper guidance however, an adolescent shall end up being capable to develop into a effective youthful adult. This essay talks about the psychosocial troubles an adolescent faces and explains the reasons to some of the behaviours we may see in them. 2. Developmental Concern and Theory 2.1 Developmental Concern 1 Marcus, becoming an teenagers, is usually going through a main changeover stage in his lifestyle. He is usually heading through many physical and mental advancements. He is also experiencing the impact of being introduced into a new culture and is depressed due to his family circumstances. He offers simply transferred from another city and can be new with his current environment rather. Mann (2004) regards migration and adapting into a new culture as giving up your sense of identity. Therefore Marcus discovers it challenging to adjust to the brand-new tradition and way of life rather. He feels very uncomfortable to socialise with people in his new town and prefers avoiding any contact with new faces..

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