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Helping Learners Learn Most Effectively Essay

Give an summary of some key theories and concepts of learning and evaluation and discuss: These learning theories inform you about different methods to help learners learn most efficiently. Gestalts' learning is generally not thought of inside the classroom but that I find it's used quite often. Gestalt's theory concentrates on the way by which the mind insists on discovering patterns in things, and this also leads to learning, particularly the development of "insight". As soon as we start school the curriculum is put in place to enable us to find out more difficult and complex information later, we use the previous information as a reference, an insight if you prefer. This assists us form opinions, enables us to address problems and utilize information gained to enter practise as and when demanded. This theory of learning can help in group work where everyone can use their knowledge as a complete and create ideas collectively. Gestalts concept is interlinked with all the cognitive psychology. (Atherton J S Learning and Teaching 21 February 2010) Social learning is my favorite way of learning I'm a fantastic social learner I think it is easy to see, learn and repeat. It has to be stated that some learning is not taught but viewed and replicated. Within the learning environment it's vital for it to be totally inclusive for many delegates. I smile and speak to everyone, promote all over the group regardless of what their race, religion, color or creed. This is known as unconscious teaching, and is teaching delegates to respect everyone regardless of their source and hyperlinks into Petty's concept that "that may be called the 'hidden program''', making sure that learning is more inclusive for all within...

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1 . What new forms of teaching are growing in K-12 classrooms?An up-to-date trend in education is apparently the integration of technology intended for instructional purposes. One such scientific advancement is definitely the inclusion of the iPod Touch in the classroom. This technology hosts a vast array of applications in diverse subject areas that can be used across level levels. There are plenty of ways in which the iPod Touch may be integrated to customize the training..
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