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Distress in The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock Essay

The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock - The Distress of J.Alfred Prufrock The human psyche is divided into three different facets: the Persona, the Shadow, and also the Anima/Animus; at least, It's according to Jungian Psychology. Drawing heavily on the concepts made by Freud, Jung's psychological theories tell us that if these three aspects are not properly incorporated - that is, even if one of the three is overly dominant, or repressed, or even all three are in conflict with each other - then an individual's energies - his gender - will be out of alignment, causing psychological distress and unconscious problems. The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock, if read Archetypaly, shows to us this individual. J.Alfred Prufrock, the nebbish little man that he can, has some rather serious issues - he is really indecisive, obsessed with insignificant particulars, also frets over inconsequentials ('Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare eat a peach?')? ; more importantly, he seems to have an inability to face the opposite gender, choosing rather to create elaborate fantasies in which to meet imaginary women - those seem to be either cruel, despairing, or menacing in some subtle manner. An abysmal analysis drawing on Jung's theories seeks to discover the reasons behind Prufrock's neurosis. The first line of this poem - 'Let us go then, you and I' - gives a direct insight to Prufrock's issue: his mind is out of joint. The 'You' and 'I' of the poem would be just two aspects of his character: his Shadow and his Persona, respectively. Prufrock is extremely much conscious of this schism in his own mind. His Persona - that the element of himself that he presents to the societal world - remains dominant a lot of the moment. His Shadow, however, comp...

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