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Essay on Telecommuting

Telecommuting TELECOMMUTING: WHAT BOTH EMPLOYEES AND EMPLOYERS SHOULD KNOW INTRODUCTION Firms now have to manage engineering, and telecommunication is a fresh prevalent technology. There are advantages and disadvantages to telecommunications, and employers need to know about those pros and cons to be able to evaluate whether to own telecommuting employees. Employees who telecommute also have to know about the benefits and drawbacks of this style of work before they opt for that form of employment. The purpose of this analysis is to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting in the workplace. Both business employers and employees must be aware of the benefits and disadvantages before pursuing the telecommuting choice of employment. Background of Telecommuting. According to the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, telecommuting is defined as “office-based employees using telecommunications to work in their homes or in a nearby alternative office for a few days each week instead of commuting a longer distance to work” (Telecommuting Research 1). It is difficult to formulate an exact number of telecommuters in the USA, but there's roughly 32 million (Langhoff 1). People might ask why companies would make it possible for some or all of their employees to work at home and don't have any idea what the telecommuting employees are doing. Most employers today do not believe that they have to check over the shoulders of their employees for them to be efficient. People nowadays are realizing that if they aren't doing their jobs, the company will find someone who will. Telecommuting is not for all companies or even for all employees. There are a few employees that need their employers to look over their shoulders for them to produce their best work (Goodrich 4). Sources and Methods Online magazine and newspaper articles were consulted for background information and advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting for both employees and employers. Other Internet websites also offering this sort of information were investigated. Information on the pros and cons was given by means of a telecommuting employee who experiences these positive and negative effects with his job. RESULTS OF THE STUDY The findings of our research will be presented in four major categories: 1) advantages for employees, 2) disadvantages for employees, 3) advantages.

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