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CREATED ON 22nd November 2017

Blance Varela's Writing Style Essay

Blanca Varela receives a number of prestigious awards as a result of her work being considered as surrealistic and revolutionary, a recurring hem with several artists out of Peru at the time. It's this exceptional type of saying that gets her the vulnerability making her one of the major voices of Lain America. The style in which she authors provides both a literal message to be read and understood easily, in addition to, a figurative message which can indicate numerous different things. In addition, she paints specific pictures to help the reader actually conceptualize exactly what she is trying to convey. "Secreto de Familia" or "Family Secret" from Blanca Varela demonstrates her usage of several meaningful and insightful poetic elements in order to voice a comment or convey a message she's. There are a number of things left to your imagination and also for the reader to interpret. As an example, the name "Family key" engages the reader as if the poem would introduce something secretive when reading it. The poem doesn't quite tell the reader directly what the key might be however, yet edges the reader on to find out the secret. The reader is befuddled with more questions from the end of the first stanza. The narrator of this stanza is recalling a dream that she's had about a skinned dog at the shadow of a butcher shop. A lot appears unsure because at the stage the narrator herself is perplexed and wondering where she's. Her voice and questions seems to be unheard initially and silenced with the darkness that engulfs her. Blanca Varela is notorious for using an innocent perspective within her writing to convey a much more surreal and psychological message by the narrator. However, so as to understand what's actually occurring, she puts the other narrator who knows the situation and comprehend...

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