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Digital Arts Homework

Nowadays, the connection between art and information technology becomes increasingly stronger. Literature of the fantastic contains numerous examples of artists applying robotic technology, computational algorithms and other scientific approaches in attempts to create masterpieces. People no longer use the Internet to learn how to make a thesis, but to establish a multidisciplinary collaboration that makes possible to evaluate other participants’ interests and strengthen understanding between technologists and artists. In our time, the increased availability of personal computers creates a unique form of visual art, which is commonly known as digital art. A broad range of animations, computer graphics, laser shows, cybernetic sculptures and Internet gaming has been developed so far, and as technology is developing continuously, there appear some new methods of interaction between the creator, his or her artwork and the spectator.

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The most significant technological contribution to art was the ability to digitally manipulate virtual 3-D models and images. What is also crucial for Digital Arts homework help, traditional visual art was supplemented with a completely new way of expression – the form of digital art which is known as ‘ interactive art’. The aim of the artist in this genre is to create and promote a two-way interaction between her work and the viewer. Thus, now not only graphic artists and composers are able to manipulate their creation, but a common audience as well. There are lots of enthusiastic responses on book review sites that praise this incredible interactive role of the spectator, which often help reveal a completely new meaning of an object of art.

At present, a significant fraction of artists is involved in interactive robotics and multimedia software development, the frequent results of which are art projects, for example, interactive art installations. Even the most dissimilar interests merge, entailing unique interdisciplinary collaborations. No surprise, there are so many people eager to get Digital Arts homework help one need to apply a lot of efforts to understand difficult entities involved in the intersection of information technology and art. It is absolutely possible, though, to explore and understand the aforementioned intersection, conducting a thorough investigation based on articles and books, papers of journalism, reports from festivals, conferences and art centers, all of which represent good practical examples of interaction between art and information technology.

The conceptual framework for Digital Arts homework help

We can facilitate our task of outlining the conceptual framework by identifying the main places of interaction, involved actors and their interests as well as reasons behind collaboration. In other words, we can describe our study of the intersection in several entities, named ‘where’(the place of intersection), ‘who’ (performers involved), ‘why’ (the reasons people have interest) and what (we will list software and tools used in the interaction there). Hence, the entities for Digital Arts homework help are as follows:

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Obviously, for the digital artist the computer is only a design tool. However, an artist’s mind is able to evolve with unexpected productivity in the electronic medium all the necessary techniques such as erasing, pasting, multiplication and displacement can help the author become a prominent creator. Moreover, when technologies of interactive art enter the stage of collaboration, this multidisciplinary approach results in the most creative movement, which causes the creation of absolutely unique pieces of art.

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