Definitions of Zanesville



  1. a city in SE Ohio.


geographical name

  1. city on the Muskingum River in east central Ohio population 25,487

Example sentences for Zanesville

  1. She wrote a novel called In Zanesville and then a book of essays called The Boys of My Youth.
  2. Still, in 2008, the Obamas earned income of almost $2.7 million, more than seventy times the average income in Zanesville.
  3. Here is Byron York's epic report from 2008 on Michelle Obama's visit to Zanesville during that year's Democratic primary.
  4. Mrs. Ewing provided him with a liberal outfit of clothes, etc., and on May 20th he left Lancaster in a stage coach for Zanesville.
  5. This message flashed across the wire as the operator at Zanesville fled for life.
  6. This fine broad stream must add considerably to the waters of the Ohio, into which it falls soon after leaving Zanesville.
  7. From Granville on to Zanesville the country increases in charm.
  8. From Lancaster we went next day to Zanesville, passing several small beginnings.
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