Definitions of Zamenhof



  1. Lazarus Ludwig (laˈzarus ˈludvik). 1859–1917, Polish oculist; invented Esperanto

Example sentences for Zamenhof

  1. Esperanto fell well short of Zamenhof's goal of a universal second language, but it was not a complete failure.
  2. In the Fundamento, Zamenhof used capital letters to begin the names of months.
  3. La Revuo (which enjoys the constant collaboration of Dr. Zamenhof).
  4. As an example Dr. Zamenhof gives the following sentence: "Mi ne sci'as kie mi las'is la baston'o'n: Ĉu vi ĝi'n ne vid'is?"
  5. On leaving the university, Dr. Zamenhof commenced his medical practice, and began to consider the publication of his language.
  6. But at the first congress Zamenhof announced that he had given up even this control, and Esperanto is now a free language.
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