Definitions of Zamboanga



  1. a seaport on SW Mindanao, in the S Philippines.
  2. a port in the Philippines, on SW Mindanao on Basilan Strait: founded by the Spanish in 1635; tourist centre, with fisheries. Pop: 716 000 (2005 est)


proper noun

  1. A port on the west coast of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines; population 774,400 (est. 2007).


geographical name

  1. city and port on a strait that connects Moro Gulf with the Sulu Sea on the southwest coast of Mindanao, Philippines population 442,000

Example sentences for Zamboanga

  1. Then followed a month of cable repairing, which took us again to Zamboanga, Iligan, and Cagayan.
  2. This year saw considerable sickness in the garrison of Jolo; a large number of patients were removed to Zamboanga and 318 to Cebu.
  3. An expedition set sail, with the sultan on board, and went as far as Zamboanga, but accomplished nothing.
  4. Troops located at Zamboanga could be sent to any place in the department more quickly than from any other point.
  5. Sibugay is the name of the large bay east of the Zamboanga peninsula.
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