Definitions of Zambezi



  1. a river in S Africa, flowing S and W from Zambia through E Angola and Zambia and then E along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe into and through central Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. 1650 miles (2657 km) long.
  2. a river in S central and E Africa, rising in NW Zambia and flowing across E Angola back into Zambia, continuing south to the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, then east forming the Zambia–Zimbabwe border, and finally crossing Mozambique to the Indian Ocean: the fourth longest river in Africa. Length: 2740 km (1700 miles)


proper noun

  1. A river of East Africa, which rises in north-western Zambia and flows for 2,560 km (1,600 miles) southwards through Angola and Zambia to the Victoria Falls, turning eastwards along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe before crossing Mozambique and entering the Indian Ocean.


geographical name

  1. river about 1700 miles (2735 kilometers) long in southeastern Africa flowing from northwestern Zambia across eastern Angola and western Zambia to the border of Botswana, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, crossing central Mozambique, and emptying into Mozambique Channel

Example sentences for Zambezi

  1. How else could he prove that the Zambezi was “a highway” into the interior?
  2. He had already taken Mary and their three children on two journeys to the Zambezi region.
  3. We have desired delay, and we have had it, and we are now practically masters of Africa from the Zambezi to the Cape.
  4. Will you not join with us that he may be kept humble and not get away from his call to give the Gospel beyond the Zambezi?
  5. In 1851 he went north again, and came upon numerous rivers flowing north, affluents of the Zambezi.
  6. This belt of weakened rock has been easy prey for erosion by the Zambezi River and the chasm has there developed.
  7. With this family may also be associated the languages of the Portuguese coast-region south of the Zambezi as far as Inhambane.
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