Definitions of Zacynthus



  1. Latin name of Zante.
  2. the Latin name for Zante

Example sentences for Zacynthus

  1. Assembling a small force at Zacynthus, he sailed to Sicily and was received with demonstrations of joy.
  2. On Point Leukimme they posted their land forces, and a thousand heavy infantry who had come from Zacynthus to their assistance.
  3. Here was the cradle of the city, relic of the companions of Zacynthus as they established themselves among the rude indigenes.
  4. But he lay still, breathing heavily, and he stirred but once—that was when they neared Zacynthus.
  5. In Zacynthus and about Dyrrachium and Apollonia are springs which discharge a great quantity of pitch with their water.
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