Definitions of Zacatecas



  1. a state in central Mexico. 28,125 sq. mi. (72,845 sq. km).
  2. the capital of this state.
  3. a state of N central Mexico, on the central plateau: rich mineral resources. Capital: Zacatecas. Pop: 1 351 207 (2000). Area: 75 040 sq km (28 973 sq miles)
  4. a city in N central Mexico, capital of Zacatecas state: silver mines. Pop: 241 000 (2005 est)


proper noun

  1. A state of north central Mexico.


geographical name

  1. state of north central Mexico area 28,973 square miles (75,040 square kilometers), population 1,490,668
  2. city and capital of the state of Zacatecas population 138,176

Example sentences for Zacatecas

  1. There was formerly great rivalry between the states of Guanajuato and Zacatecas on the ground of their mining successes.
  2. Zacatecas has its plaza; all Spanish and Mexican towns have one.
  3. In metals of five to six marcs and a half per monton (of the average richness of Zacatecas), 16 lbs.
  4. Fresnillo is the most flourishing of the mines of Zacatecas.
  5. "It is in the heart of the Sierra Madre range, one hundred and twenty-five miles west of Zacatecas," said the dying man.
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