Definitions of Zaandam



  1. a former city in W Netherlands, on the Zaan River, now part of Zaanstad.
  2. a former town in the W Netherlands, in North Holland: an important shipbuilding centre in the 17th century. It became part of Zaanstad in 1974

Example sentences for Zaandam

  1. It is well known how Peter in 1696 visited Holland to learn the art of ship-building and himself toiled as a workman at Zaandam.
  2. At five o'clock in the morning the party took a steamer for Zaandam, or Sardam.
  3. Appy began his work as a musician in 1851, as member of the Concert orchestra at Zaandam.
  4. And thus he reached Zaandam, which he had been told was the best place to learn how ships were built.
  5. A family in Zaandam has been taking care of them, but can't afford it any longer.
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