Definitions of Yamagata



  1. Prince A·ri·to·mo [ah-ree-taw-maw] /ˈɑ riˈtɔ mɔ/,1838–1922, Japanese field marshal and statesman.
  2. Prince Aritomo (ˌærɪˈtəʊməʊ). 1838–1922, Japanese soldier and politician. As war minister (1873) and chief of staff (1878), he modernized Japan's military system. He was premier of Japan (1889–93; 1898)



biographical name

  1. Prince Aritomo 1838–1922 Japanese general and statesman


Example sentences for Yamagata

  1. The cause is a personal one for Chef Ooe, who was born and raised in Yamagata, one of the six prefectures in the Tohoku region.
  2. The approximately 500 people who packed the Yamagata City Sports Center on Thursday had swelled to 1,000 less than 24 hours later.
  3. A survivalist mood deepened in Miyagi prefecture, and spread in nearby Yamagata prefecture.
  4. Lennox Samuels reports from Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures on their new reality—and their conspiracy theories.
  5. Although Akita prefecture is mountainous there is a greater proportion of level land in it than in Yamagata.
  6. Yamagata is also a Chosiu man, and was at one time also a pupil of Yoshida Shoin.
  7. The oaza might spend 100 yen a year to send five pilgrims as far away as Yamagata, on the other side of Japan.
  8. Six feet of snow is common on the line on which we travelled in Yamagata prefecture, and washouts are not infrequent.
  9. From what I have narrated above, glimpses of Yamagata and Inouy may be gathered.
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