First recorded in 1535–45; wagon + -er1 (Source: dictionary.com)

Mid 16th century from Dutch wagenaar, from wagen (see wagon). (Source: lexico.com)

Definitions of Wagoner



  1. a person who drives a wagon.
  2. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the northern constellation Auriga.
  3. Obsolete. a charioteer.
  4. a person who drives a wagon




  1. The driver of a horse-drawn wagon.




  1. : a person who drives a wagon or transports goods by wagon
  2. : boötes


Example sentences for Wagoner

  1. On June 3, 2008 Ryan sent a letter to Wagoner cosigned by Feingold and Sen. Herb Kohl.
  2. After that chaos in her life ended, Wagoner found her settled quietly in Washington state.
  3. Wagoner had been given far more opportunities to achieve his grand vision than almost anyone else in the world of big business.
  4. Wagoner has also agreed to cut his salary to $1 a year and sell the company jets.
  5. He made a bargain with the wagoner to carry him as far as the wagon was going on his road, which was about ten miles.
  6. A Wagoner family living in the next house asked me to dinner, and I "et" with them.
  7. He made his first trip over the road as a wagoner in 1823, going clear through to Baltimore.
  8. His career as a wagoner ceased long before the railroad reached Cumberland.
  9. He was first a wagoner, and subsequently and for many years a stage driver.

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