1645–55; < Latin vacuus empty; see -ous (Source:

Definitions of Vacuousness



  1. without contents; empty:
  2. lacking in ideas or intelligence:
  3. expressing or characterized by a lack of ideas or intelligence; inane; stupid:
  4. purposeless; idle:
  5. containing nothing; empty
  6. bereft of ideas or intelligence; mindless
  7. characterized by or resulting from vacancy of minda vacuous gaze
  8. indulging in no useful mental or physical activity; idle
  9. logic maths (of an operator or expression) having no import; idle: in (x) (John is tall) the quantifier (x) is vacuous



  1. : emptied of or lacking content
  2. : marked by lack of ideas or intelligence : stupid, inane a vacuous mind a vacuous movie
  3. : devoid of serious occupation : idle

Example sentences for Vacuousness

  1. He hated TV for chasing fads and its vacuousness, but also because it paid him too little, notes Itzkoff dryly.
  2. Then he looked up at Victoria with something like vacuousness.

Related words & Synonyms

chasm, destitution, desolation, vacuum, hollowness, gap, vacancy, barrenness, blank, vacuity, waste, exhaustion, inanity, inanition

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