From French, dating back to 1850–55; see origin at vacuum, -ole1 (Source:

Mid 19th century from French, diminutive of Latin vacuus ‘empty’. (Source:

Definitions of Vacuole



  1. a membrane-bound cavity within a cell, often containing a watery liquid or secretion.
  2. a minute cavity or vesicle in organic tissue.
  3. biology a fluid-filled cavity in the cytoplasm of a cell



  1. A small cavity in the cytoplasm of a cell, bound by a single membrane and containing water, food, or metabolic waste.
  2. A small space or cavity in a tissue.



  1. A space or vesicle within the cytoplasm of a cell, enclosed by a membrane and typically containing fluid.



  1. : a small cavity or space in the tissues of an organism containing air or fluid
  2. : a cavity or vesicle in the cytoplasm of a cell usually containing fluid — see cell illustration

Example sentences for Vacuole

  1. Later on this vacuole disappears, and the grains of pigment make their appearance.
  2. These masses of food seem to be inclosed within a little area containing fluid, called a vacuole.
  3. The number of the vacuole containing cells is 15-20% of the colourless blood corpuscles.
  4. We have received the impression that we have here to deal with a vacuole filled with substance secreted by the cell.
  5. This is done by pulsation of the vacuole, which ultimately bursts, passing fluid waste to the outside.

Related words & Synonyms

germ, egg, unit, bacterium, embryo, microorganism, spore, corpuscle, follicle, utricle, cellule

Nearby words

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