oo-dahy-poor, oo-dahy-poor

Definitions of Udaipur



  1. a city in S Rajasthan, in NW India.
  2. Also called Mewar. a former state in NW India: merged into Rajasthan state 1948.
  3. Also called: Mewar a former state of NW India: became part of Rajasthan in 1947
  4. a city in NW India, in S Rajasthan. Pop: 389 317 (2001)


Example sentences for Udaipur

  1. Their Padre in Udaipur is also an M.D., and of him a rather striking tale is told.
  2. Colonel Tod gives instances in Udaipur of works of beneficence executed by Telis.
  3. There is a tiny little hotel at Udaipur, outside the walls, showing that visiting tourists are few and far between.
  4. The Udaipur State has an area of nearly 13,000 square miles and a population of about a million persons.
  5. This wall is being repaired throughout its length by the Maharana of Udaipur.

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