1570–80; < New Latin ubiquitās, equivalent to Latin ubīqu(e) everywhere + -itās -ity (Source: dictionary.com)

Definitions of Ubiquity



  1. the state or capacity of being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresence:
  2. (initial capital letter) Theology. the omnipresence of God or Christ.




  1. The fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.




  1. : presence everywhere or in many places especially simultaneously : omnipresence


Example sentences for Ubiquity

  1. A great benefit of the ubiquity of the Internet in the developed world has been the facilitation of a new age of entrepreneurship.
  2. “I think as the ubiquity of French fries prove, everyone loves a crispy fried potato,” he said in an email.
  3. The argument for open carry goes that the ubiquity of guns will normalize them in the public eye.
  4. Just consider the ubiquity of the products: the Honeywell thermostat, the Saul Bass credit scenes.
  5. As with most things, the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous skewered the absurdity years before its current ubiquity.
  6. Then there's Jenkins, why here's a way provided, through the benignity and ubiquity of the law—for at once satisfying this debt.
  7. And this record gives some notion of the extraordinary energy and ubiquity of the Athenian armies.
  8. His ubiquity, his omniscience, have indeed never been disproved by his critics or his enemies.
  9. He has raised us to partake, as it were, in the ubiquity of his own beneficence.
  10. Its home is ubiquity; like the sphere of Hermes, its centre is everywhere, its circumference nowhere.

Related words & Synonyms

pervasiveness, ubiquitousness, universality, universal, prevalence, presence, ubiety

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