First recorded in 1850–55; tabular + -ize (Source:

Definitions of Tabularized


verb (used with object)

  1. to tabulate.

Example sentences for Tabularized

  1. Distinguishing differences between the Atlantic bottlenosed dolphins in offshore areas and grampus are tabularized on p. 96.
  2. The most distinctive differences between the two species are tabularized on p. 40.
  3. The French have, however, tabularized fortune-telling for us.
  4. Differences by which they may be distinguished from the first are tabularized on p. 105.
  5. Other features by which the two species may be distinguished in the brief encounters typical at sea are tabularized on p. 127.

Related words & Synonyms

index, alphabetize, formulate, systematize, grade, codify, register, list, chart, catalogue, enumerate, range, categorize, order, digest, arrange, methodize

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