First recorded in 1650–60, tabular is from the Latin word tabulāris pertaining to a board or tablet. See table, -ar1 (Source:

Mid 17th century (in tabular (sense 2)): from Latin tabularis, from tabula (see table). (Source:

Definitions of Tabular



  1. of, relating to, or arranged in a table or systematic arrangement by columns, rows, etc., as statistics.
  2. ascertained from or computed by the use of tables.
  3. having the form of a table, tablet, or tablature.
  4. flat and expansive, as tableland or a plateau.
  5. arranged in systematic or table form
  6. calculated from or by means of a table
  7. like a table in form; flat



  1. Having a plane surface; flat.
  2. Organized as a table or list.
  3. Calculated by means of a table.



  1. (of data) consisting of or presented in columns or tables.
  2. Broad and flat like the top of a table.



  1. : of, relating to, or arranged in a table
  2. : computed by means of a table
  3. : having a flat surface : laminar a tabular crystal

Example sentences for Tabular

  1. In setting measures for tabular columns and for very short lines the slip of paper is not necessary.
  2. It takes but a little while, during some leisure hour, to make such a tabular scale.
  3. My amazement may be imagined when I saw, seated on a low, tabular tombstone close to the avenue, a lady with her back towards me.
  4. The ore lies in lenticular and tabular masses, ranging in thickness from one to more than fifty feet.
  5. The simplest application is met with in the representation of tabular data such as occur in statistics.

Related words & Synonyms

horizontal, unbroken, low, empty, even, plane, pancake, flush, splay, oblate, deflated, depressed, extended, fallen, prone, prostrate, recumbent, supine, decumbent, planar

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