First recorded in 1525–35; table + -ful (Source:

Definitions of Tableful



  1. the number of persons that can be seated at a table.
  2. the amount of food, dishes, etc., that a table can hold.



  1. : as much or as many as a table can hold or accommodate

Example sentences for Tableful

  1. There's a tableful over there--go and take your pick of it, unless, of course, you've got some special subject.
  2. In contrast to these good choquettes is this tableful of bad choquettes.
  3. By midnight, Tom was singing Christmas carols, in advance of the season, with a tableful of Texans.
  4. Young Thomas Kehoe nearly bit the doctor's thumb in two after kicking over a tableful of instruments.
  5. But I suppose this pessimistic view is natural if you eat three meals a day with a tableful of melancholics.

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