1565–75; < Middle French, Latinization (influenced by Latin tabula board) of Italian intavolatura, derivative of intavolare to put on a board, score (Source:

Late 16th century from French, probably from Italian tavolatura, from tavolare ‘set to music’. (Source:

Definitions of Tablature



  1. Music. any of various systems of music notation using letters, numbers, or other signs to indicate the strings, frets, keys, etc., to be played.
  2. a tabular space, surface, or structure.
  3. music any of a number of forms of musical notation, esp for playing the lute, consisting of letters and signs indicating rhythm and fingering
  4. an engraved or painted tablet or other flat surface



  1. An engraved tablet or surface.
  2. The cranial bones considered as two laminae separated by the diploe.



  1. A form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes, written on lines corresponding to, for example, the strings of a guitar or the holes on a flute.



  1. : an instrumental notation indicating the string, fret, key, or finger to be used instead of the tone to be sounded

Example sentences for Tablature

  1. As Walther sings Sachs takes it down in tablature, calling out to him what sections are next required.
  2. The first time he asked admittance to show you the tablature, and you did not want to receive him, I persuaded you to do so.
  3. Robinson gives instructions for learning to play the cittern and for reading the tablature.
  4. This set of thoughts is like the tablature prescribed to the singing animal above mentioned.

Related words & Synonyms

songbook, score

Nearby words

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