First recorded in 1850–55; perhaps akin to tabby1 (Source:

Late 18th century probably from tabby. (Source:

Definitions of Tabaret



  1. a durable silk or acetate fabric having alternating stripes of satin and moiré, for drapery and upholstery.
  2. tambour(def 3).
  3. a hard-wearing fabric of silk or similar cloth with stripes of satin or moire, used esp for upholstery



  1. An upholstery fabric of alternate satin and watered silk stripes.

Example sentences for Tabaret

  1. Short as was the distance to his house, old Tabaret was a good quarter of an hour in reaching it.
  2. He will despise me: he will fly from me, when he knows that Tabaret and Tirauclair sleep in the same nightcap.
  3. "She has probably warned the count," observed old Tabaret, still pursuing his idea.
  4. Tabaret's submission tickled his pretensions as a detective immensely; for in reality he thought the old man very clever.
  5. Thanks to old Tabaret, the magistrate felt confident that he was in the right path.

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