Definitions of Sabatier



  1. Paul [pawl] /pɔl/,1854–1941, French chemist: Nobel prize 1912.
  2. Paul (pɔl). 1854–1941, French chemist, who discovered a process for the hydrogenation of organic compounds: shared the Nobel prize for chemistry (1912)

Example sentences for Sabatier

  1. He climbed the stairs to his room to find Sabatier waiting for him on the landing.
  2. When Sabatier visited him next morning, his manner gave Barrington an idea.
  3. "For all his professions of innocence a word would suffice to have him arrested," said Sabatier.
  4. It was Latour's daily statement, although Sabatier thought it was less definitely said as the days passed.
  5. Sabatier entered more carefully than he was wont to do, his hand upon a pistol thrust into his tri-color sash.
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