Definitions of Romagna



  1. a former province of the Papal States, in NE Italy. Capital: Ravenna.
  2. an area of N Italy: part of the Papal States up to 1860


geographical name

  1. district of northern Italy on the Adriatic Sea comprising the eastern part of the Emilia-Romagna region

Example sentences for Romagna

  1. Their able diplomacy and ample means were especially directed to thwart the views of his Holiness upon the feudatories of Romagna.
  2. Romagna was only waiting for his signal to come over to him.
  3. When Rome heard that the stormy capital of Romagna was up in arms, once more, for a moment, there were united counsels.
  4. Thus did Cesare Borgia—personally attended by a caesarian guard, wearing his livery—set out upon the conquest of the Romagna.
  5. This was made easy for him as concerned Romagna by the conduct of the French and Venetians.
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