First recorded in 1555–65; river1 + bank1 (Source: dictionary.com)

Definitions of Riverbank



  1. the slopes bordering a river.




  1. The bank of a river.




  1. : the bank of a river


Example sentences for Riverbank

  1. Barry showed me his room—a one bedroom with a killer view of Riverbank State Park and the Hudson.
  2. Panka, we learn, doesn't have very warm clothes, and we spend a chilly night with him as he tries to sleep by a riverbank.
  3. If the river starts drying up, those groups will need lobbyists more than ever, to defend their position on the riverbank.
  4. At night, he would crawl to the riverbank to keep from drowning in his sleep.
  5. The streets of London and the riverbank are packed with crowds, undeterred by the chilly day.
  6. Her low-hung carriage was for many years thereafter a common sight in Riverbank.
  7. Her house was now a home, and we think very highly of homes in Riverbank.
  8. Just beyond this, a higher and stronger palisade protected the riverbank from the winter ice jam.
  9. Freeman Todder, when he arrived in Riverbank, had almost immediately affiliated himself with the dozen "dressy" young fellows.
  10. The hunters dismounted, and concealed themselves in the shrubs; the utmost silence prevailed on the riverbank.

Related words & Synonyms

beach, coast, seashore, border, bank, sand, seaboard, waterfront, brim, embankment, margin, brink, strand, lakeshore, lakeside, shingle, coastland, seacoast, littoral, riverside

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