Definitions of Rinehart



  1. Mary Roberts,1876–1958, U.S. novelist and playwright.


Example sentences for Rinehart

  1. But even assuming Rinehart has devised a liquid diet on which one can survive, so what?
  2. Rinehart may have inherited wealth, but even her critics acknowledge her business prowess.
  3. After Rinehart acquired a seat on the board, a conservative commentator was given a Sunday talk show.
  4. "I gave Peter Golden forty more years of life," Rinehart said.
  5. And I think our good friend Senator Rinehart is probably wriggling on the stick about now, just on the shock value of the switch.
  6. But worse, far worse: Rinehart knew now that something had happened, something was wrong.
  7. The strongest elements of Mrs. Rinehart's success are found in this book.
  8. God damned heart and god damned brother and god damned Rinehart—did everything have to split the wrong way?
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