1640–50; Latin praecoci-, stem of praecox (see precocity) + -ous (Source:

Mid 17th century from Latin praecox, praecoc- (from praecoquere ‘ripen fully’, from prae ‘before’ + coquere ‘to cook’) + -ious. (Source:

Definitions of Precocious



  1. unusually advanced or mature in development, especially mental development:
  2. prematurely developed, as the mind, faculties, etc.
  3. of or relating to premature development.
  4. Botany. flowering, fruiting, or ripening early, as plants or fruit. bearing blossoms before leaves, as plants. appearing before leaves, as flowers.
  5. ahead in development, such as the mental development of a child
  6. botany (of plants, fruit, etc) flowering or ripening early



  1. Showing unusually early development or maturity.



  1. (of a child) having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected.



  1. : exceptionally early in development or occurrence precocious puberty
  2. : exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age a precocious child

Example sentences for Precocious

  1. The children are precocious and cute and the whole thing is freaking adorable.
  2. Do you like him frozen in time as a precocious boy genius doctor with a ridiculous name?
  3. Heightening his angst, Warren pines for precocious Jessica (Gevinson).
  4. The budding relationship between the ornery sexagenarian and the precocious young child ultimately gives the film its momentum.
  5. Precocious even in his private life, Macron does not have children of his own but, at 36, he is a grandfather.
  6. In fact, he was so precocious and said such droll things as greatly to amuse the king and those around him.
  7. In her, as in her own Midi of that age, culture and corruption were precocious.
  8. "Oh yes, I know," said Miss Barrons with an appreciative glance at his precocious brow.
  9. Sophie von Khn seems, like Auguste Bhmer, to have been a most precocious child.
  10. And the precocious boy, who offers a bit of slate from under the Cataract for two shillings, cautions you to beware of them all.

Related words & Synonyms

intelligent, bright, cocky, mature, advanced, aggressive, beforehand, bold, brassy, cheeky, developed, early, flip, flippant, forward, fresh, nervy, premature, presumptuous, pushy

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