First recorded in 1555–65; clear + -ance (Source:

Definitions of Preclearance



  1. the act of clearing.
  2. the distance between two objects; an amount of clear space:
  3. a formal authorization permitting access to classified information, documents, etc.
  4. Also called clearance sale. the disposal of merchandise at reduced prices to make room for new goods: He bought the coat for half price at a clearance.
  5. a clear space; a clearing:
  6. Banking. an exchange of checks and other commercial paper drawn on members of a clearinghouse, usually effected at a daily meeting of the members.
  7. Machinery. a space between two moving parts, left to avoid clashing or to permit relatively free motion.
  8. the angle between a face of a cutting tool, as a lathe tool, and the work.
  9. Nautical. the clearing of a ship at a port.Also called clearance papers. the official papers certifying this.
  10. Medicine/Medical. a test of the excretory function of the kidneys based on the volume of blood that is cleared of a specific substance per minute by renal excretion.
  11. the process or an instance of clearingslum clearance (as modifier)a clearance order
  12. space between two parts in motion or in relative motion
  13. permission for an aircraft, ship, passengers, etc, to proceed
  14. official permission to have access to secret information, projects, areas, etc
  15. banking the exchange of commercial documents drawn on the members of a clearing house
  16. the disposal of merchandise at reduced prices (as modifier)a clearance sale
  17. sport the act of hitting or kicking a ball out of the defensive area, as in football an instance of this
  18. the act of clearing an area of land of its inhabitants by mass evictionSee Highland Clearances
  19. dentistry the extraction of all of a person's teeth
  20. a less common word for clearing



  1. The removal of a substance from the blood, expressed as the volume of blood or plasma cleared of the substance per unit time.



  1. : to give prior approval or permission to or for (something or someone) : to clear (something or someone) in advance preclear goods for import The ability to preclear passengers would make an expansion to year-round service more feasible, said Porter Air President Bob Deluce. — Associated Press Under the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination … must "preclear" with the Justice Department any changes that may affect minority power at the polls.— John Gibeaut

Example sentences for Preclearance

  1. “Then we voted to send it to Washington for preclearance,” he said.
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