Definitions of Phineus



  1. a brother of Cepheus who was not brave enough to rescue his betrothed Andromeda from a sea monster and who was eventually turned to stone.

Example sentences for Phineus

  1. In such affairs we may have the origin of the story of the Harpies at the court of Phineus.
  2. The story alluded to is that Phineus, king of Thrace, unjustly put out the eyes of his sons.
  3. Nor did they know the cause till Phineus expounded it to them.
  4. When the Argo reached the dangerous spot, at the suggestion of Phineus, a dove was let loose.
  5. When Phineus heard these words his rage almost choked him, and he charged his people to draw their swords and slay Perseus.
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