Definitions of Kossuth



  1. Fer·enc [fer-ents] /ˈfɛr ɛnts/,1841–1914, Hungarian statesman.
  2. his fatherLa·jos [lo-yawsh] /ˈlɒ yɔʃ/,1802–94, Hungarian patriot, statesman, and writer.
  3. Lajos (ˈlɔjoʃ). 1802–94, Hungarian statesman. He led the revolution against Austria (1848) and was provisional governor (1849), but he fled when the revolt was suppressed (1849)



biographical name

  1. La*jos \ ˈlȯi-​ˌōsh \ 1802–1894 Hungarian patriot and statesman


Example sentences for Kossuth

  1. A student at Kossuth Elementary reported to the teacher that another student was carrying a gun.
  2. Kossuth wants material aid—such as saddles, tin, &c. &c. I would give it him, if he would teach Austria a lesson of honesty!
  3. Kossuth spoke openly of war with Austria and of a dictatorship.
  4. Debreczin was the scene where Kossuth displayed his transcendent abilities as an administrator, a statesman, and an orator.
  5. Kossuth astonished us by his knowledge of English, but he knew little of the English people.
  6. It was soon clear, however, that in this Kossuth would not carry his party with him.
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