Definitions of Kasparov



  1. Gary or Garry,born 1963, Armenian chess player.
  2. Garry (ˈɡærɪ), real name Garik Weinstein . born 1963, Armenian-Jewish chess player, born in Azerbaijan: world champion (1985–93); PCA world champion (1993–2000); since retiring from chess he has been involved in politics in Russia, forming the United Civil Front in 2005



proper noun

  1. (born 1963), Azerbaijani chess player of Armenian-Jewish descent; born Garry Weinstein. In 1985, at the age of 22, he defeated Anatoli Karpov to become the youngest-ever world chess champion; he held the title until 2000. He won a match against the IBM computer Deep Blue in 1996 but in 1997 was beaten by Deeper Blue.


Example sentences for Kasparov

  1. “We had seen the clouds gathering for a long time, but it was still a shock,” Kasparov told The Daily Beast.
  2. In 2002, the Kasparov Chess Foundation was launched in New York City to promote the teaching of chess in schools.
  3. Kasparov is the chairman of the United Civil Front in Russia and a global voice for human rights.
  4. Kasparov and his wife, Daria, travel frequently to promote the many proven benefits of chess in education.
  5. “The utmost task for the opposition is how to offer a vision for the future,” Kasparov said.
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