1665–75; < French déshabillé, noun use of past participle of déshabiller to undress, equivalent to dés- dis-1 + habiller to dress; see habiliment (Source:

French, ‘undressed’. (Source:

Definitions of Dishabille



  1. the state of being dressed in a careless, disheveled, or disorderly style or manner; undress.
  2. a garment worn in undress.
  3. a loose morning dress.
  4. a disorderly or disorganized state of mind or way of thinking.
  5. a variant of deshabille



  1. The state of being only partly or scantily clothed.



  1. : negligee
  2. : the state of being dressed in a casual or careless style
  3. : a deliberately careless or casual manner

Example sentences for Dishabille

  1. We found her in a dishabille, intending to go to Hampton Court to-morrow.
  2. Led by Victor Vassilyevski a dozen men, guests and servants, in various stages of dishabille, streamed into the room.
  3. She would not see him in a dishabille for the world—What can she mean by it?
  4. Mrs. Chedsoye was just as beautiful in dishabille as in a ball-gown.
  5. Then, when he saw us, he tried to back himself and his dishabille out into the obscurity of the library.

Related words & Synonyms

naked, bald, dusty, murky, muddy, disheveled, crummy, unkempt, grimy, messy, nasty, sloppy, filthy, greasy, polluted, contaminated, raw, skin, exposed, stripped

Nearby words

dish night , dish out , dish the dirt , dish top , dish up , dishabituate , dishallow , disharmonic , disharmonious , disharmonize

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