1350–1400; Middle English < Medieval Latin diametrālis < Latin diametr(os) diameter + -ālis -al1 (Source: dictionary.com)

Definitions of Diametral



  1. of a diameter.
  2. forming a diameter.
  3. located on or forming a diameterdiametral plane
  4. a less common word for diametric




  1. : a chord (see chord entry 3 sense 2) passing through the center of a figure or body
  2. : the length of a straight line through the center of an object or space the diameter of a circle dug a hole nearly four feet in diameter
  3. : a unit of enlargement used with a number to indicate magnification by a lens or optical system an object one millimeter wide magnified 40 diameters appears 40 millimeters wide


Example sentences for Diametral

  1. Diametral spines crossed loosely in the centre of the spherical or irregular roundish central capsule.
  2. Supposing you wanted to know the number of teeth in a gear where the pitch diameter and the diametral pitch are given.
  3. The circumferential pitch is of course got by dividing the diametral pitch by π.
  4. Of course every diametral spine pierces the capsule twice, at two points diametrically opposed.
  5. On the other diametral side of the coupling the strain due to the key is exerted on the top face of the key.

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