Definitions of Diamantina



  1. an intermittent river in E Australia, flowing S to Lake Eyre. 560 miles (900 km) long.



geographical name

  1. intermittent river having a maximum length of 560 miles (901 kilometers) in Queensland, east central Australia, flowing southwest into Warburton Creek
  2. city in the eastern Brazil state of Minas Gerais population 26,075


Example sentences for Diamantina

  1. The great day appeared to Diamantina to be long in coming, but, like other days, it came at last.
  2. Diamantina was very fond of being on the river, and she was delighted at this chance of delighting her tastes.
  3. At a point known as Diamantina Gates it finds an exit through a narrow gorge in a low range.
  4. In many cases, the watercourses which he thought to be independent creeks, are but ana-branches of the Diamantina.
  5. In company with W. Landsborough, in 1866, he explored and named the Diamantina and other western rivers.
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