Definitions of Deschutes



  1. a river flowing N from the Cascade Range in central Oregon to the Columbia River. 250 miles (400 km) long.


geographical name

  1. river 250 miles (402 kilometers) long in central and northern Oregon east of the Cascade Range flowing north into the Columbia River

Example sentences for Deschutes

  1. I was to go down the Canyon of the Deschutes and find out all about it.
  2. This is an alternate name for Deschutes River, for which see ante, p. 119, note 102.
  3. Near the mouth of the Deschutes are the Falls of the Columbia, where the river passes a rough bar of lava.
  4. So when we heard of the Indians up the Deschutes we were anxious for a fight and started for them.
  5. In 1911 the railroads roped the wanderer, when they forced their way southward from the Columbia up the canyon of the Deschutes.
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