Definitions of Deschamps



  1. Émile (French emil), full name Émile Deschamps de Saint-Armand . 1791–1871, French poet, dramatist, and librettist: a leading figure in the French romantic movement
  2. Eustache (østaʃ). ?1346–?1406, French poet, noted for his Miroir de mariage, a satirical attack on women

Example sentences for Deschamps

  1. Deschamps, in list slippers, was walking nervously up and down the room.
  2. Both Deschamps and the Carnets ate quickly and said very little.
  3. Deschamps was flattered by this form of address from a young gentleman.
  4. Deschamps held one of the candles while Gregory deftly unscrewed the round porcelain cap of the cut-out.
  5. For the metre, compare the Envoy to a Ballad by Deschamps, ed.
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