First recorded in 1765–75; origin uncertain (Source:

Late 18th century of unknown origin. (Source:

Definitions of Culvert



  1. a drain or channel crossing under a road, sidewalk, etc.; sewer; conduit.
  2. a drain or covered channel that crosses under a road, railway, etc
  3. a channel for an electric cable
  4. a tunnel through which water is pumped into or out of a dry dock



  1. A tunnel carrying a stream or open drain under a road or railway.



  1. Channel (a stream or drain) through a culvert.



  1. : a transverse drain
  2. : a conduit for a culvert
  3. : a bridge over a culvert

Example sentences for Culvert

  1. She was driving to meet a reporter waiting in an Oklahoma City motel when she crashed into the concrete wing wall of a culvert.
  2. A culvert packed with explosives presents a particularly dangerous and challenging problem.
  3. It was the culvert, of course; it had broken down, and lucky I was that the ditch underneath was shallow.
  4. Houses were demolished, swept from their foundations and carried in the flood to a culvert near the town.
  5. There were the hatches, there was the culvert; they could see the pebbly bed of the stream through the pellucid water.
  6. From each mixer a track led out over the culvert form and a track along the top of this form ran the full length of the culvert.
  7. This is to prevent the end of the culvert from becoming choked with earth and to retain the roadway at the culvert.

Related words & Synonyms

pipe, duct, gutter, canal, conduit, drain, watercourse, channel

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