Definitions of Conybeare



  1. William Daniel. 1787–1857, British geologist. He summarized all that was known about rocks at the time in Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales (1822)

Example sentences for Conybeare

  1. Conybeare in charge of a Bill dealing with false alarms of fire, managed to get it through Committee unopposed.
  2. I was very busy on Monday, as I was on Mr. Conybeare's committee.
  3. It is, manifestly, the magnesian limestone of Conybeare and Phillips, or muschelkalk of the Germans.
  4. "Mr. Conybeare," responded Clark, instinctively thinking of Member for Camborne as most likely to help in the job he had in hand.
  5. Murchison was in favour of resignation; Conybeare took the opposite view.
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