Definitions of Calvert



  1. Charles3rd Baron Baltimore,1637–1715, English colonial administrator in America: governor (1661–75) and proprietor (1675–89) of Maryland (grandson of George Calvert).
  2. Sir George1st Baron Baltimore,c1580–1632, British statesman: founder of the colony of Maryland.
  3. his sonLeonard,1606–47, first colonial governor of Maryland 1634–47.
  4. Sir George, 1st Baron Baltimore. ?1580–1632, English statesman; founder of the colony of Maryland
  5. his son, Leonard. 1606–47, English statesman; first colonial governor of Maryland (1634–47)


biographical name (1)

  1. George 1580?–1632 1st Baron Baltimore English proprietor in America


biographical name (2)

  1. Leonard 1606–1647 son of George Calvert governor of Maryland province (1634–47)

Example sentences for Calvert

  1. Calvert introduced her to Jennifer Norris, a retired Air Force veteran living in Maine.
  2. The prop book was in French because the prop people presumed Calvert would be reading off cue cards.
  3. Dave, Calvert, and I are taking a walk down the hallways of NBC into a deserted stairwell.
  4. At that point, the erudite discussion ends while Dave and I hand over our wallets to Calvert DeForest.
  5. Dave says to Calvert, “Who played the guitar solo on ‘Not Just Knee Deep?’ ”
  6. He thought Mrs. Calvert would like that, it was so much like her own Deerhurst on the Hudson.
  7. Even Maryland, tolerant and just as was the Calvert policy, did not altogether escape Indian troubles.
  8. Calvert produced the articles from an inner coat pocket and handed them to Noxon.
  9. Now, why was the interest of Calvert so much greater on this than on any other previous occasion?
  10. The letter from Mr. Calvert was a demand for money that she owed him, and was written at Bladensburg on the 12th of April.
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