Definitions of Arraying



  1. : to dress or decorate especially in splendid or impressive attire : adorn … he had already arrayed himself in his best clothes.— Thomas Hardy
  2. : to set or place in order : draw up, marshal the forces arrayed against us
  3. : to set or set forth in order (something, such as a jury) for the trial of a cause
  4. : to arrange or display in or as if in an array The … data are arrayed in descending order.— Ed Burnett



  1. : an imposing group : large number faced a whole array of problems also : variety, assortment a broad array of styles
  2. : a regular and imposing grouping or arrangement : order lined up … in soldierly array— Donald Barthelme
  3. : an orderly listing of jurors impaneled
  4. : clothing, attire
  5. : rich or beautiful apparel : finery
  6. : a body of soldiers : militia the baron and his feudal array
  7. : a number of mathematical elements arranged in rows and columns
  8. : a data structure in which similar elements of data are arranged in a table
  9. : a series of statistical data arranged in classes in order of magnitude
  10. : a group of elements forming a complete unit an antenna array

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