1590–1600; < Latin applausus struck upon, applauded (past participle of applaudere), equivalent to ap- ap-1 + plaud- clap + -tus past participle suffix (Source:

Late Middle English from medieval Latin applausus, from the verb applaudere (see applaud). (Source:

Definitions of Applause



  1. hand clapping as a demonstration of approval, appreciation, acclamation, or the like.
  2. any positive expression of appreciation or approval; acclamation.
  3. appreciation or praise, esp as shown by clapping the hands



  1. Approval or praise expressed by clapping.



  1. : marked commendation : acclaim the kind of applause every really creative writer wants— Robert Tallant
  2. : approval publicly expressed (as by clapping the hands) a round of applause

Example sentences for Applause

  1. He led the packed cathedral in applause for Ramos and Liu and asked Bratton to bring a message to the men and women of the NYPD.
  2. And one person started clapping, and then the whole room erupted in applause.
  3. Their speech was met “very warmly, with applause,” according to bishops briefing the press afterwards.
  4. “For someone to scream, that is like applause to us,” Harlacher said.
  5. Of course, this was greeted with a round of applause and whoops from her room of willingly incarcerated followers.
  6. Singularly, the men who most despise women are the ones who seek to have her applause.
  7. He sprawled into his seat amid a very tempest of applause and cheering.
  8. She had left the Assize Court acquitted, declared to be innocent, amid the applause of the crowd.
  9. This novel motion was received on the part of all who heard it with shouts of laughter and applause.
  10. There is a round of applause; the bill has been carried almost unanimously.

Related words & Synonyms

acclaim, plaudit, praise, acclaim, ovation, accolade, kudos, praise, commendation, acclamation, hand, cheering, approbation, plaudits, round, rooting, cheers, laudation

Nearby words

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